Marc G Collection


About Marc G

Founded in 2015 in Detroit, Michigan. Marc G is a designer menswear casual clothing brand that sells a unique selection of custom fitted and ready to wear garments. We’ve taken the time to differentiate ourselves from the others through our unique spirit, fabric, style, and fit that we ingrain in each of our garments. With every shirt we encourage you to take on the world and inspire to prosper.

At Marc G, we understand that you’re a gentleman—inspired, ambitious, unique, entrepreneurial, talented, and classy. You engage everyday with the spirit to “inspire to prosper.” So, whether you take on the stage with your performance, take a trip to your ideal vocation, or decide to enjoy a fun-filled entertaining night out make sure to dress Marc G and let the world know that you’re inspired to prosper.

 Origin of Marc G

“How did Marc G come to you? A greater vision than the present-day circumstances adds a certain class to you. Holding on to faith when it’s all you got makes you stronger than average. The way you grind is unique, I’ll do this favor just for you. There’s a beauty in the way you love. Inspiring to prosper is evident in your spirit I can see it through your eyes. Defining a fashion that is designed just for you.”



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